Thursday, July 11, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (90)

Thank you for your feedback!
Today is the last post about lighting the ATHENA ;)
These are the last two lights, for the landing pad.

I tried to give the lights housing a kind of steampunky touch, to make it fit with the rest of the ship.

The lights are slightly angled, so the should shine up to the STRIX aircraft.

From top you can also see that I used one of the housings to cover the light switch :)

Lights out!
Spot on!



As you may have seen, there is a slight lights "spillage" around the bridge.
The reason is that the plastic warped a bit over the months in storage, so the bridge superstructure is not 100% flush against the lower section.
So I've build a little border that seals everything, without looking too much out of place.

Now the bridge section is "lights tight" :)

I've also glued the HYDRA gun mounts in position

This face means business :)

Obviously this wouldn't be complete without rivets...
Vik at DakkaDakka asked me if I always measure my rivet positions. And I have to admit yes I do. Especially for such a huge model like the ATHENA I don't want to come back later and discover some uneven spacing of the rivets that may spoil the whole show.
But I also have a little helper.
It is made of thin (.25mm) plastic cards, very flexible and I have drawn a 5mm and 10mm scale on the two sides. Since it is so flexible it is very easy to mark the spacing.


Here are some more light show images:



And a fly around






And finally I was looking at a way to cover-up the other lights switch.
So I removed two of the portholes,

and positioned an old console that I've built for the aircraft version a few years (gasp!) ago.

Next will be either the remaining CIWS or the engines and rotors...
and then a million of rivets...sigh... :)