Thursday, July 18, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (94)

After the last little disaster I rebuild the ammo drum, now in the proper width :)

And while the PC around the drum cured I added rivets and ornaments to the rest of the gun.

Next up was the ammo feed. For this I cut a 1cm wide strip of 0.5mm PC and wrapped it around a pencil (to give it a round shape)

For the "ammo" I cut 3mm wide stips of 1.5mm thic PC

I glued these onto the strip with slight gaps between them.



Once the ammo drum was cured, I added two small stips of .25 PC for the ornaments.

When the ornament strips cured I finally mounted the drum to the main axle.

One thing I realized is that the axle I used this time was rather thin (compared to the rod in the original gun) and it has a tendency to bend....

While the drum cured on the axle I prepared the connection to the ammo feed.

In between these steps is always time for some rivets :)

Another needed ornament is the Fleur-de-lys for the front of the ammo drum.


Finally I mounted the ammo feed to the gun body and the ammo drum.

And with this the NEMESIS twins are completed :)



But I'm not 100% happy with the position on the deck....

I will have to wait until I have the 4 manouver engines and rotors on the central stubby wings before I can decide where I will position those two babies.
I hope you enjoyed this little build :)