Thursday, January 9, 2014

POLEMOS - Urban Combat Vehicle (5)

Wow, lots of positive feedback this time :)
Thank you.
@KaritasTraitoris - well you know a 100% scratch build vehicle has 0 % chance in a Golden Demon. Not enough GW in it, to make it past the first round.
Sad, but true GW politics :-P

+Werner Fernando Oroxon Ramirez - yes, IG and Orks :)
Today you'll see the first actors on the stage.

Now that the basic scene is done I started to position the first actors.
The ambushing Orks :)
The story is that the POLEMOS and its accompanying squad just broke resistance and captured this section of the road. While consolidating gains behind a former Ork barricade some sneaky Orks attack out of the ruins...
Most likely the dio will be called "Ghosts in the Rubble"....or so :)

The two main Ork characters are these two guys, throwing Molotov's - lots of potential for light effect painting :)
I sculpted the flames with Pro Create Putty (
What do you think?
Good enough or room for improvement?
So here's the attacking gang in position.
And then I started to position the surprised IG squad.
One guy will be dead on the ground behind the vehicle. 2 troopers at the barricade, one kneeling on the side, turning around surprised, 2 troopers firing back from the cover of the POLEMOS, and centrally the captain at the Infantry Phone with a wounded soldier at his feet....
What do you think?
Will this work?

BTW, some asked what molds I use for the building.
These are the Hirst Arts molds ( ). As far as I remember the ones I use most are these two:
Should be "Basic Block - Mold #40" and "Gothic Dungeon Builder #45", but I also have" Gothic Additional Accessories - Mold #44", "Gothic Dungeon Accessories - Mold #41" and "Gothic Panel Accessories - Mold #43".
They serve me very well. As plaster I prefer "Stewalin"

I hope you like today's update and I look forward to your C&C - especially on the Molotov effects.