Tuesday, January 7, 2014

POLEMOS - Urban Combat Vehicle (4)

Hi my patient readers,
today is my first day at work this year :)

Maybe you remember from the last post that the return roller for the POLEMOS was at the front and the drive sprocket planned for the rear.
Well, due to the rear ramp and passenger tunnel, I had to switch things around, and now the drive sprocket is at the front.
This messed a bit with my measurements, so everything is a lot tighter than planned, but it still works.
While I still had to cast the remaining tracks for the other side, I started with the base.
Since it is to be an urban combat scene, this will be an Imperial road between houses.
The story is that Orks have captured (at least parts of) an Imperial city and the Guards troops are fighting in the streets to re-capture the city.

While the plaster for the base cured I looked at the design for the track skirts.
This is the cardboard mock-up.
Next I started to engrave the plaster stones and Imperial symbols into the road plaster.
Here you can see a sample video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYUn32_7_MM
The POLEMOS in position.
One final step on the POLEMOS was to add the hinges to the hatches.
Still need to add all the rivets.

And then it was time for my Hirst Arts molds (http://www.hirstarts.com/).
Plenty of stones to cast.
Slowly the rear wall is taking shape.
This is pretty much the wall as it will look.
The next day I added rubble and the Ork barricade which the POLEMOS is breaching.
Finally I had all the tracks cast to complete the other side.
And to add the second track skirt.

And this is how the scene looks as of today:
Ready for some street fighting action.
So, what do you think?
I hope you like today's update and I look forward to your C&C.