Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Princess (8)

Hi all,

thank you for your feedback and comments.
Now that I'm happy with the two blue Watch-Wher's I also finished their gold items.
Then the next item on the agenda were the little Fire-Lizards.
I decided to give each its own color. So I'll have a golden, a bronze, a green, and a red Lizard.
I verified the base colors in combination with the entire scene to ensure the colors do stand out.
The first Fire-lizard was the golden.
Looks good on the princess' arm.
Then I did the bronze Fire-Lizard - it was also the first time I tried Non-Metallic-Metal for Bronze.
Actually looks rather nice in front of the golden throne.
I painted the green Fire-Lizard in the same way, just a bit less "shiny".
Perched on the backrest :)
And finally the red Fire-Lizard.
All 4 Fire-lizards in position.
With all the "auxiliary troops" in position, it was time to start with the princess.
She will have shiny black hair.
The non-golden items in their base color.
With the Fire-Lizards.
Starts to look good :)
And then I started with the base color for gold (Bobonic Brown or Zamesi Desert or Plaque Brown).
I also painted her eyes.
Golden base and gem colors applied.
I'm quite pleased!
Next I started some detailing to her face (looks rather harsh, as there are no shadows yet).
And shades and highlights to the gems.
And this is how she looks as of last night.
I still need to do all the gold shadows and highlights, need to add some patterns to the clothes, and all the shadows and highlights to the skin.
So what do you think?
I look forward to your comments and feedback.