Monday, April 6, 2015

The Hunt (3)

Hi all,
I hope you had a nice Easter (or at least time with the family and hopefully a long weekend).
I spent a lot of time with the wife and family and when the weather allowed enjoyed the sun.

Nevertheless, I did get quite some work done on "The Hunt".
First thing on the list was the head.
I started off with the eyes,
then building up the nose (and inserting a tongue).
Here's most of the upper jaw
and the lower jaw.
A toothless grin though.
So dental work it was :)
A sharp toothed smile now.
I love my dentist...
Some spikes, to set him apart from a standard Dino.
Yeah, I think I like the pose
Skin effects again
And mounted on the body again
But I also realized the neck to head ratio wasn't quite right (plus I got a bulge at the seam during the baking)
So I decided to shave some material off again
And then build up a new neckline
Looks better now
And with skin effect
Then I finalized the tail and both went into the oven.
A striking pose :)
Basic Raptor sculpt done!
So now it was to finish up the rider girl. So I constructed the wire base for the throwing arm
But first I sculpted her left hand and foot.
Then the right foot
And finally the throwing hand
also not that I sculpted the claws to the raptor with GreenStuff.
And last not least I had to do her head...
I think I did about 10 attempts before I got this one
She needs to look grim, as she's about to throw her spear at her prey...
so no friendly face for her.
And while I baked her head, I added belts and started with pieces of the saddlery
And while these pieces cured, I started her armor.
And I cut and shaped a tip for her spear.
I think this looks pretty good so far.
What do you think?
I look forward to your comments and feedback.