Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Swamp Thing

Hi all,

since only 2 updates are not enough, here's another project I did on the side.
It is a kitbash/scratchbuild out of a 1:24 Bentley 2,5 Liter Blower and a 1:48 BF-110.
I did this as an additional entry to the SMA Spring Contest and I will enter with it in the "watercraft" and "Sci-Fi" categories.

Since sorting images is a bit difficult for the blogger tool, I have the final images first :P









And here are some images of the build process.
This is the original chassis of the Bentley.

The first thing I did was to extend the entire front.


 And see how to mount the wings to it.

Then I built the new, extended hood.



And then I built the "boat" part of the project.



In the end I used a lot of GreenPutty to smoothen things.

 but it was fun.

One of the challenges was scratchbuilding the windshield.


And of course riveting :)


They make such a big difference.


The final build before painting.






I hope you also like this little project :)