Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Hunt (6)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and comments.

Well, since the last update I started painting the Raptor and the Rider.

I decided to go with a green color scheme.
As you can see here, the underside is in a lighter green.
But the top side also received a slight color pattern.
Most of the shadowing was done with black drybrush.
The head paint in progress.
Finally some highlights to the skin - again drybrushing most of it.
Then I started with the leather parts, such a s the saddle and straps.
The golden parts and the ornamental feathers.
Then I did several washes and paint steps to complete the leather.
Next I started to work out the gold.
I think it took like 6 shades of yellow to get the proper gold look.
Then I worked on the gems
and the glow effect for the eyes.
For the eyes and gems I also applied a coat of glossy varnish.
And that pretty much completed the paint job for the raptor.
Time for the rider!
I decided to call her Ra'aana and started with the skin color.
I experimented with the various colors and ended using a dark red for her leather armor and green for the dragon skin armor.
Many of the base colors applied.
The quiver and stirrups ended up green with a dragon-style ornament.
Again, basic gold color and her hair will end up being black.
The spear with hopefully realistic metal colors.
Her ornamental gems are turquoise and she also got some facial tattoos.
Plus a small tattoo on her thigh.
Blue eyes.
And finally all base colors applied.
Time to get serious!
I can't remember how many layers it took, but I'm very pleased with the red leather effect.
Looks pretty good.
Next I worked on the green dragon-skin armor and the brown leather.
Then her gems and gold.
and pearls :)
And then she was done!
One month of sculpting and almost 3 weeks of painting.
Whew, but I'm very pleased.

Now I still need to do the fire-boar.
Or hell-pig?
We'll see :)
I hope you like this update.
I'll post some final images later.