Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Lenin - finally

While the last few days were quite hectic, I still had the chance to do some minor greenstuffing. This means no work on the steampunk bike or other major pieces, but here at last, Little Lenin is completed - still some cleanup to do, but other than that he's done.

I am really proud how his pose turned out.

As you can see I gave him a cane rather than any other weapons - these will be handeled by his bodyguard.

I added some more ornaments to the sleeves.

"Sic itur at astra"

And with this I also prepared his little stage on the ZEUS.
The fender deck is damaged by a grenade impact, a wounded is attended by a medic, while troopers fire back at the Orks.

And LL calmly observes everything.

The Emperors confidence is with him.

"Si Imperatus Nobiscum, Quis Contra Nos?"