Monday, September 21, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (26)

As mentioned the Imperial Guard is all about ornaments and Imperial iconography. And since the ATHENA is one of the Empires finest pieces of warmachinery, there need to be many icons and ornaments.
So what would be better to protect the forward prow of this fine ship than a large Imperial Eagle?
But not a standard eagle, no it needs to be something big and really impressive.

So the idea was to build a layered eagle, and I cut 3 layers of 1mm plasticard for this. The first large layer gives the complete outline. The second layer shows the legs, chest, and inner part of the wings. the final third layer shows only the chest and top part of the wing.

And glued together, they make a mighty fine eagle

But what's an eagle without the heads

Cut in a slight angle, so they are pointing outwards

I am very satisfied with the result.
It truely commands the forward view of the ATHENA and nicely fits the IG and steampunk theme.