Thursday, September 24, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (28)

Now that the forward deck has some armoured protection (yes, 0.25mm plasticard is thin, I agree :) I started with some detailing of the that section.
So I started with some ammo drums for the Light-AA's

very simple. Just pieces of tube and some pc discs

Then I built some frames that will hold them in place

And mounted them on the inside of the plates

Then I started to build some additional boxes for (whatever) storage

Also very simple constructions, but with some detaling

and mounted these on the inside too

In addition I built a very simple ammo hatch for the crane. And a banister so noone would fall into there when the hatch is open ;-)
(Not that it opens in the model)

Last not least I build a ventilation hatch. Several strips of thin pc glued on top of each other, so that they are at a slight angle, and a simple frame around it

Then some pieces for the frames top (corners cut in a neat 45° angle)

And glued it all together and added rivets

This together with some cables on the ground (note the two thick grey ones leading to the Lasguns under the nose as power supply) give a nice impression I think :)

Tonight I will start working on some of the crew members - I will try to resemble the figures I had drawn for the uniform color test.