Friday, September 25, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (29)

As promised I started working on part of the crew.
This here will be one of the deck officers, armed with Laspistol and a sword.

I want him to look as if he's resting his hand on the pistol holster

as well as holding the sword

The respirator is the lower part of an Elysian head

Satisfied with the left arm, I began my search for a good right arm

Can't recall which one it was, but it was a standard Cadian arm, so I had to remove the shoulder armour
After some cleanup and adjusting I greystuffed the sleves
part of the shoulders
The strap for the respirator
and the harness for the sword
plus the gaiters

All in all, I'm pretty OK how he turned out

Next I worked on a NCO.
He will be wearing a soft cap, holding a folder as well as some kind of pen or pointer
The left arm is the one usually holding the grenade launcher
I still had a head with soft cap left from the ZEUS crew ( )
Again, the lower part of an Elysian head for the respirator

GS'ed the strap, the goggles, the folder
Though he's just an aide, this is still quite a hero shot :)

I am absolutely happy with him.