Monday, March 4, 2013

Project X

 As mentioned in the last post, I have stopped the MARS walking tank project as I need to convince myself of the concept and design again :)

On the weekend I had another arts workshop. This time a portrait from clay.
Actually I had a lot of fun, and I really like the result:
And while being bored on Friday night (after the doubts on the MARS came up) I doodled around in the internet, browsing through YouTube, and I stumbled into a snipped from James Bonds "You only live twice".
The scene was the actual attack on Blofelds underground base (well IN a vulcano) with the rocket in the center. 
Ah, fond memories :)
I really like the idea of those old fashioned super-villains in their underground or remote island bases, plotting to take over the world.
This got me thinking...
and then I spotted the "Swift, Silent, & Deadly" team in my display cabinet.
And I wondered, what kind of Ork outpost would they infiltrate, and what would they do there....

Hehe, can you guess?

I need an Ork underground base, where the super-ork-villain creates the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.
I started building.
The base material is mostly cardboard and then plasticcard on top.
The depression in the center will hold the weapon.

I think something like an ICBM will do.
The bottle in the center will be the ICBM.
Next I created the (or at least one of the) opening through which my strike team will enter.
So this will be a side wall, which they blast open
Its only a small section, so it doesn't limit the visible area too much.
Then I worked on the actual ICBM - Ork style.
Next I considered a catwalk to the missile
But I thinbk this will block too much and limit visibility
So I will have to do without it.
Steps leading up to the small platform
I think this could be fun :)
And a finally a top view.
Still lots of details needed.
Instruments on the platform, cables from and to the missile, some scrap-metal junk maybe?
And then I will have to think of the scene itself.

Currently I envision a 4 man strike team entering through the breach on the right.
The point man could be holding some kind of shield and only be armed with a pistol, while the 3 men behind him fire rifles one maybe shooting up to the walkway on the rear wall?

And I really fancy the idea of some troopers rappelling from the ceiling - guns blazing!

So what do you think?
Any good?

Suggestions, feedback?
Oh, I also need a name for the scene.
Something like my "Orkalypse Now". Any suggestions?
Thanks guys - I really look forward to your feedback and suggestions.