Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zero Ork Thirty....or so

Last night I continued with the new project.
For the time being I call it "Zero Ork Thirty" ... lets see if we can find a better name for it.

Based on feedback from the forums (thank you Fireball, Eyescream, Vex, Colonel Hessler, dsteingass, Vimes, and Garanaul the Black) I got a lot of new ideas and began adding some extra details.

First I created a simple ladder form old sprues.
Then a lot of little bits here and there, including some of the main cables and a crane.
The science station
The crane and floor area
and then it was time to make rivets (didn't get far, but its a start).
So, with the main scenic components in place I had time to plan the actual action and actor positions.
(The green shapes are Orks, the blue ones are Imps and red indicates muzzle flashes)
At the science station we have Dr. Nork with his white pet squig. On the far left is the boss of the guards trying to organize some kind of defense. Two of the guards are returning fire in the foreground, while two technicans are hit and in process of going down.
On the ladder is a Grot or Snotling, also being hit, and finally a guard or technican on the gangway on the right rear wall.
On the right we have the actual strike team, most likely 4 men, attacking through the breach. Center man with shield.
And in the rear center we have one or two agents rappelling down and firing at the guards.

So, what do you think? Anything still missing?
Improvements, suggestions, other feedback?

Oh yeah, for the repelling agents I'm looking for good photos. I'd like to see details of the harness and how the rope works, as well as some cool poses.
That would be awesome :)

Thanks guys, I look forward to your C&C.