Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (5)

Hey guys,

again thanks for the valuable feedback!
The diorama is nearing its build completion and I'm eager to get it wrapped up and ready for painting.

Based on feedback from Spacecat I "snazzied" up Dr. Nork.

It will be a white (or rather creme colored) suit and hat with a black tie.
 Based on feedback from Paladin7221 I removed the Space Marine as hostage, and replaced it with an IG officer.
He looks as if to yell at Dr. Nork: "See, I tould you they'd come to rescue me!"
 Not sure if I should hang a sign around his neck. What would you say?
If he's getting a sign, it will read "Hostij - no shoot" (Thanks Harkon Greywolf)

So now all actors are in position.
Note I moved the head first agent a bit to the right, and the Orks got their muzzle flashes.

Anything else?
I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.