Thursday, December 19, 2013

Funny dragon (3)

@Malevengion - yes, I know Hobbs (I love Kelvin and Hobbs), and you're right, the colors and pattern make a good Hobbs lookalike :)
@torg_or - thanks! I hope you'll be back in the hobby soon! It's the hardest part about breaks and hiatus' - the coming back :)
@Tallghost - THANKS MATE!

Last night I added first details with brush.
I worked mainly on the stripe pattern, adding stripes and dots inside the sprayed stripes as well as separately - directly on the skin.
I also gave the face some additional stripes.
I'm pretty satisfied with the way the pattern turned out.
For the eyes and nostrils I'm trying to add a glow effect (this is still in progress)
The surface of the teeth is actually a bit rougher than the rest of the model, so I'm not quite happy with the way they turned out...
I'm really on a tight schedule with this, especially as the first pre-Christmas activities (like company party, Christmas Market with Gluewein etc.) are already in full swing.
 But I still hope to have him finished and coated by the 24th.