Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More funny dragon

I decided to keep updating you on the progress of the funny dragon, to get myself back into the habit of maintaining the blog and hobby rituals.
It also reminds me to take photos while working.

So I added some mushrooms to the base,
and I completed the front paws.
This is the final version of the grin :)
Next I primed him white.
I have to admit it is quite different to work with white primer instead of the usual black primer.
But for the bright yellow base it is the better choice :)
Once the yellow cured I applied the orange section to the back - so he has a yellow underside and orange top.
Towards the spine he received another coat of red.
And then I added a stripe pattern with Mahogany
Plus a layer of white to the belly....
Tonight I will start working with the brush and add first details.
Most likely the claws will be black, the eyes too - but with a little blue glow to them.
I hope you like today's update and don't mind the detour from "real" modeling.