Monday, December 30, 2013

POLEMOS - Urban Combat Vehicle (1)

After the initial failed design I went back to the drawing board and started anew.
By now I also have a name for this vehicle, in good old Dei Greci fashion.
The POLEMOS is named after the divine personification of war. 
The pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus described Polemos as "both the king and father of all", with the capacity to bring all into existence and to annihilate.[8] For Heraclitus, Polemos "reveals the gods on the one hand and humans on the other, makes slaves on the one hand, the free on the other".[9] The fragment leaves it unclear as to whether Heraclitus thought of Polemos as an abstraction, a god, or a generalization of war, and this ambiguity is perhaps intentional.[10] Heidegger interpreted the polemos of Heraclitus as the principle of differentiation or "setting apart" (German Auseinandersetzung).[11]
I think this fits the bill, doesn't it?

The hull is now a lot lower than in the initial design
And about 1.5cm wider.
Here you can see the build-up of the fenders
Well, I guess I'm all out of practice, as I never had to use that much putty before...
Here you can also see the deck layout.
Ah, nice!
I'm quite pleased with the new design.
So I started to work on the weapon system.
It's a multi-purpose weapon system (similar to the BMPT's). And it will consist of an Auto-Cannon, an automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL), and a missile launcher.
The AC and AGL will be mounted in one gun housing.
In addition, the POLEMOS will have two machine guns for rear close in defense.
These will be remote-controlled.
Scratch built MG's.
And the mounts for the main weapon system.
As you can see the two turrets will be able to operate independently, enabling the POLEMOS to fight several enemies at the same time.
The missile launchers are mounted on the outside of the gun mount, and here you can see the re-load position.
And that's already it for today :)
I hope you like this new member of the DEI GRECI family.
As usual I look forward to your C&C.