Monday, March 3, 2014

Pollux and Castor (6)

Hi all,

KingAzog wrote:
I mean, two heavy walker made a lot of noise and unless a savage battle is going on, the orks should be hear the noise of the walkers and become aware of the presence of the enemy earlier... but I'm digressing...
Well, maybe the surrounding battle made too much noise :)
Just envision they are at the other end of the "Ghosts in the Rubble" scene, and I can imagine they'd be a tad...preoccupied :)
But to emphasize a bit more on the surrounding battle, I decided to add another two Orks that are also firing into the direction the gun is pointing - and I will add a barricade (or roadblock) here too.
One of the key ideas for this whole diorama was centered around this corner building.
I wanted to have an Ork with an RPG up there, but before he can fire, the rocket launchers on top of Castor are firing his way, he he bails out, and jumps off the balcony.
So here is my first take on the jumping Ork
But I realized, this doesn't look good, too upright, not Orky enough.
So I changed the Ork to a "squat turn" style jump...
Together with the German soft cap, I think he looks great :)
All I need now, are the rockets flying his way :D
And finally it was time to add some Imperial troops to support the two walkers.
Last week I got my hands on some Statuesque Mini female heads ( ), and so I decided to build at least one femal trooper.
Together with Mad Robots fatigue arms and legs ( and   ) this makes an awesome mini, doesn't it?
Next I built a Sniper, that will be walking behind, in a kind of over watch. 
The Sniper rifle is from the IG Command Squad sprue, the legs are Mad Robots fatigue, and the head is a Mad Robot Special Ops head.
And here are all actors assembled.
This one here will be facing down the road though...
Two female troopers in the center
and another trooper on the side.
The pipe thing will be a burning barrel (so some flame and light effects)
Last night I finally did some green-stuff work closing gaps and adding knee protectors and small shoulder armor.
So now I have do final cleanup of mold lines and then creation of the cinematic effects for the astray RPG, the rockets off Castor, the rifle fire from the female trooper, flames for the barrels, and maybe fire from the two Orks on the right...

So, what do you think?
I look forward to your C&C