Monday, March 31, 2014

The Prototype (3)

Hi all,
thanks for your feedback. Seems my little trick for the shells is considered valuable ;)
@ Atreides127 - it's a 1/35 Sherman (Tamiya 35190 M4 Sherman 1 : 35), they are a tad too big for standard WH40K, but the 1:48 kits are definitely too small.

Since the last update I worked on the auto-loading mechanism. It makes no sense to have such a low profile gun arrangement, if you can't get any shells in, right?
So here is the lifting mechanism, that will push the shell up into the breech.
With a shell in the lower position,
 and a bit up - since it's not glued in position it kept sliding down while shooting the photo :)
Since I don't want a loader to slam a round into the lift as each round is fired (which would also require the turret to come back to the 12 o'clock position for each reload) I designed a small 4-shot magazine.
There should be two magazines - one on each side - to allow for two standard ammunition's.
And here you can see the "Kampfmittelanlage SKORPION"
Or rather the "Versuchswaffenträger XI mit Kampfmittelanlage SKORPION und Kampfraumverbesserung ODIN"
Sounds "official" enough, doesn't it?
Next I assembled all the little tools and gadgets that were included in the Tamiya "WWII German Tank Crew Field Maintenance Set" 1:48.
Lots of ammo crates, a table, a ladder, some tool boxes, and some tools.
And then I started to assemble them into the scene.
Remember, that I'm trying to get a " Third Reich/Iron Sky flair and a sprinkle of WH40K. I envision an underground research facility, looking a bit like an old U-Boot bunker, a "prototype" in the center, with soldiers and researchers around it, while a group of officers take the "dog-and-pony-show".  " 

The tank will be on an elevated part of the facility - most likely with some tracks running on the ground and lots of concrete.
The right end of the scene will be closed by a huge blast door, sealing the facility from the environment (but a little man-door on the side).
And to give it some feeling of thickness I added some support beams.
Maybe I'll add a running crane to these support beams.
Since the Styrofoam doesn't really represent concrete any good, I casted some plates to simulate pre-casted concrete sections.
I like the concrete effect.
So, this is as far as I got.
What do you think?
I look forward to your C&C.