Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Prototype (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your kind words and support.
I feel like I'm making some progress, but experienced some set-backs too.
Last week a good and dear friend, Christian Koppmeyer, died at 52 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/advancedsquadleader/10153999329070029/?notif_t=like) .
So quite some up and down.

@Adrian - thanks for your comment. Yes the cables still look a bit funny. I have the turretwith some weight and I hope it can pull the slack out of the cables. And yes, there will be a lot more boxes and canisters :)
But I started painting the diorama.
First evening the concrete received a blue-grey base color.
And I added some yellow warning lines.
The next evening I was able to add details to the warning lights and the small num-pad on the side of the man-door.
In my vision of this scene I always envisioned a large Imperial logo on the wall.
So I started to paint this on the rear wall.
And the name of the facility.
But together with the sliding door....
not so good :(

So the next evening I gave it another try and ended up with this.
I like this much better.
So I added another warning slogan (Caution. Gate opens and closes automatically) to the front wall.
Another evenings work was the painting of the sliding door.
Weathered and with some German labeling.
It reads:
"Versuchsanlage Rheingold" -Test facility Rhinegold
"Sonder-Forschungsabteilung von Sonnenberg" - Special research facility "von Sonnenberg"
Next was the gate.
Again weathered and with labels.
And mounted into the diorama.
The running track and the power cable for the crane got its base color.
And finally I started to paint the first items.
Well, this is as far as I got.
I hope you like it.
I look forward to your C&C.