Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Prototype (4)

Hi all,

sorry for the longer silence, but the last two weeks were rather eventful.
I have some problems sleeping, actually haven't slept without pills for weeks, and the pills make me very drowsy. Plus lots of migraine - and the pills give me pimples :)
So I've been to MRT, but everything OK there, so it is "only" psycho-somatic...or as the doc said "on the fast lane to burnout"
So he considered me unfit for work, and I'm on medical leave for at least two weeks.

I can already feel some improvement, and yesterday was my 49th (!!! I'm OLD) birthday. I celebrated with my wife and I was able to enjoy the food and drink :)
Since I will also have a two week vacation lined up directly after Eastern, I will be off work for 4 weeks total. Right now it feels like this will do the trick and get me back into working order :)

Well, with that much time on my hands I DID get some stuff done. Not as much as I would normally have, but I'm quite pleased.

I wasn't quite satisfied with the concrete I created, so I created a new set of concrete.
The structure is a lot better, and also the "boarded" style looks more realistic.
So I created new molds and poured new sets of concrete sections.
Looks better I think
I also built a rolling door for the wall in the rear.
Plus a running crane.
Then I built the large blast door for the right wall.
The scene is slowly coming together.
The running gear for the crane
Then I added signal lights for the blast door,
and side door, 
as well as a fluorescent light for one of the work areas.
Then I built several detail items like this large console.
All the little gadgets in position :)
One final item I wanted to add were lights 
So I created rear wall mountings, using the corners of old sprues.
and simple plastic card lamps
I think it fits the atmosphere...
Then I added the turret to the crane
And the final scene :D
I'm very pleased with it.
The scene looks pretty much how I wanted it.
Now the actual figures need some attention, lots of mold line cleaning, some sculpting and details.
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your C&C.