Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Prototype (6)

Hi all,
updates are a bit slow, as there's a lot of small details to paint. So forgive me the posting frequency.
Since the last update I painted the welding equipment with the gas bottles and a small tool table.
Then a kind of gun shield with a toolbox in front.
This will also be the main paint scheme for the prototype.
And then I did the blueprint on the construction desk :)
I admit I'm proud of it.
Looks pretty cool in the scene.
Next was the main console - in a wooden finish.
And the second console in the upper left corner.
And then it was the first piece of the tank.
The turret attached to the running crane.
Here you can see the turret itself is already a bit beaten up and scratched, but the gun tube seems to be a new one. No scratches.
It is labeled "Nr. 5 long" and "120mm StuK 55 l/5"
The chassis got the base coat in the rust protection paint.
Engine and interior got their paint too.
And the sign that identifies the project:
"Versuchswaffenträger XII mit Kampfmittelanlage "Skorpion" & Kampfraumverbesserung "Odin".
And the vehicle's nickname "Siglinde".
Scratches and a bit of wear.
And incorporated into the scene.
The driver is observing closely as the turret is matched to the "Siglinde" vehicle :)
Next are the troopers and then some pigments.
After that the real fun starts, when I add the washes and then start painting the highlights and light effects.
I hope you like today's update.