Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (5)

Hi all,

now that "The Prototype" is completed -
- and being voted on at CMoN - - I was looking for the next project.
I should continue with POLLUX and CASTOR - - as this was the last project before "The Prototype", but sparked by a comment from Colonel Jacka 

 Mind you Klaus has done some beauties I particularly liked the Patrol Boat diorama.

my interest in the Raid on Port Corinth diorama -  - was rekindled.

Upon looking at what I have so far, I realized that the diorama has not the best of all compositions. The THALASSA patrol boat is actually blocking most of the action happening on land.
So I decided to separate the two.
Make a diorama with just the THALASSA - in action, on a lava lake, and maybe firing off a torpedo (or surface skimming missile), with the crew doing some action on deck.
Looking at the harbor scene I was thinking about adding a surfaced submarine, from which the troopers landed and conducted their raid.
The submarine would be low enough not to block the actual action.
But a submarine couldn't realistically come that close while under water (well, under lava). So I browsed through my idea backlog and ran into some sketches and images of an amphibious landing.
Why not add a Amtrac/AAV-7 style vehicle, from which the trooper landed?
Cool idea :)

And as I started to design such an Amphibious Attack Vehicle I looked at the PONOS -
And a big fat grin spread on my face :)
How about a PONOS that delivers the troopers?
Well, not like this, but half submerged?

With this I pulled my old notes, sketches and plans and found a set of plans for a slightly smaller PONOS version.
With this plan I could even fit two submerged PONOS' on the scene - one an Engineer Support Vehicle maybe?
With the plans I was able to quickly cut the basic pieces and put them together.
I even got the basic roof with hatches done :)
And here is a scale shot in comparison to the original PONOS - about 5cm shorter and 2-3 cm narrower.
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your suggestions and comments.