Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Danamian's arrived

Hi guys,
today I have a short product review for you.
I participated in Mad Robot's "Roll Call" for the Danamian Jungle Fighters in March. This was like a Kickstarter for the creation of a new bits set - well actually a whole squad with several options for heads, torsos, backpacks, weapons etc.
The Danamians are based on
Lt. Walke's Vietnam style WH40K Imperial Guard - the Da'Namians.
As part of the Roll Call I was one of the early recipient's :)
And yesterday my package arrived.
Upon unwrapping the first surprise!
The come in a nice sturdy box (like the old VHS video cassette cases)
A squad consists of 10ea:
- heads
- torsos
- sets of arms
- sets of legs
- rifles
- backpacks
Plus 1 set of officer arms (one with a knife/machete and one with a Las-Pistol)
In addition I got the extra unlocked items from the Roll Call:
A special weapons set (M60 machine gun style) and a Grenade launcher
I opted for "Flak Vest" torsos. 3 are closed and 2 are open.
For the heads I opted for the Veterans heads - as usually excellently sculpted and very characterful
For the arms I had the choice of bare arms or rolled sleeve.
I went for the rolled sleeve style.
The Rifles I selected are the MR-16 rifles :)
I the background you can see the Grenade launcher and some of the accessories.
Backpacks were available in 2 or 3 different sizes and I opted for the medium backpacks.
These are the officer arms.
The legs - option "fatigue-style" - offer 5 nice poses.
And last not least, the unlocked MR-60 set :D
Sooooo nice!
Here you can see some additional photos at "Work in Progress":
I am VERY pleased with this new squad and all the options it allows me for my future builds.
Check it out and take a look at the "Custom Squad Builder" that allows you to combine all the available options into your very personal squad: