Friday, January 14, 2011

Anlong comes da Spida! (finished)

Thanks guys,
I'm glad you like it.
I had my hernia operation on Wednesday with a pretty hefty 10cm cut, but I'm recovering fast.
So today is my first day I can really attend to my blog.

Before I went on the OP table I was able to finish "Evil Eyez".
Here you can see the Gretchins, not the skull shirt for the "Commanda".

And here are the finished Gretchins.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Even at Coolminiornot the reception is pretty good, with a solid 8.6 score right now :)

Again, thanks for your support and feedback (despite the Disqus hassle).
And, looking at the poll, it seems it will be the Space Marine next:
Currently 21:8 for the Suicide Bomber.