Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (5)

Thanks guys :)
I will look into the windshield and see if I can create a lower version - thanks for the tipp.

Last night I started with Hellsryches personal coat of arms - on the right you can see the scetch I made. The plan is to have one detailed version on the hood of the limo, and a simpler version on Brother Luthars banner.

So I drew the outlines with a fine pencil onto the banner.

Then I started with Bubonic Brown for the golden base.

Snakebite Leather for the shadows,

and Golden Yellow for the lighter areas.

Then I added first highlights with Sunburst Yellow.

And a mix of Sunburst Yellow and White was used for further highlights.

Then I used Dark Skintone as base color for the scrolls.

And I added lighter areas by mixing Elven Flesh to the color. This I also used for the base of the skull in the center.

More details on the skull and the parchment.

Then it was time to start with the lettering....finger crossed...

So far so good :)

Phew! Not bad.
But somehow the black background looks a bit dull.

Even though I usually hate to add a background after I painted all details I had no choice and so I gave the banner a new background.

And I'm very glad I did :)

I hope you like it.