Monday, March 7, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (7)

Hello guys,
thanks for your feedback.

I agree with most of you, that last weeks results weren't really convincing. But I decided not to give up, and gave it another try.
I mixed up a new set of greys, and applied them to the test mini.

Then I gave it two hefty washes of Badab Black...

...this was a lot more convincing.

So I applied the new greys to the other girls.

Then a wash of Gryphonne Sepia for the skin and gold areas.
A wash of Badab Black for all other areas.

And a second Badab Black for the reds and "black" - actually a dark grey.
And if you compare it to the "standard color" mini on the left, I really like the difference.

Then some Devlan Mud for the skin and leather tones.

Once dried I set them in front of the base...
almost invisible :)

Yesterday evening I began to highlight the golds.

It's really difficult to highlight gold, and still keep it de-saturated.

But I think I've found the proper balance of grey and yellow.

I think I'll leave the gold as it is,

and see how it all looks with the rest of the highlights.

So it is VERY different, but I think it will be worth the least I hope so.
If it comes together as I hope, it will be very sinister and dark looking, and hopefully I can squeeze in some OSL for the Sisters Power Sword, maybe some lights on the Bolters ect. to give it some extra highlights....
Let me know what you think,