Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (8)

Hey guys,
I made slow progress with my de-saturated Sisters.
First I highlighted the reds.

Then a coat of Baal Red wash to smoothen the transitions and some work on the dark greys.

I worked a bit on the faces (almost invisible in all the greys) and highlighted the "white" - speak the greys :)

Yesterday night I prepared my pigments.
For this I'm grinding Pastels and mix the powders as I need them.

First I apply the powders with a dry brush,

and then I use spirit to fixate the pigments.

You must be very careful when applying the spirit, so it doesn't strip any of the colors.

Once everything was dried I placed the Sisters on the base.

Here you can see that the pigments work really well.

I think the colors work together quite nicely

So what do you think?
Was it worth the extra work, or would the standard colors have worked just as fine?