Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (12)

Progress, progress :)
Last night I was able to complete the Orks!
This here is the last guard - the one on the gangway at the missile nose.




And on stage at his position

Next I completed the "3 Stooges" :)

And then assembled all of the Ork actors on stage, in their final positions.

There are still a lot of OSL effects to be added, but I have to wait until all units are on the stage.

Right now it is hard to really focus - quite a lot of action - so I will have to try to set some focal points with light effects.

I will definitely add a focal point (spotlight?) on Dr. Nork and the "hostij"

As well as on the Imperial team at the breach.

The rappelling agents will most likely be their own focal point, just because of their pose and position, but most likely I will also paint them a bit brighter (as they are closer to the roof breach and thus the light).
To add some additional order I will also try to add a different camo pattern to the IG team.
Instead of the Dencara "Tiger Flash", which is very close to the colors of the Orks and the background

I will most likely to try something more urban camo style.
Maybe like this here: 


So, what do you think?
I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.