Friday, April 12, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (13)

Hi all,
Now that the Orks are complete I'm ready to start with the IG team. Here they are primed and ready to rock.
as mentioned yesterday, I will go for a different camo pattern.
I have no name for it yet, but it is a urban camo.
I started off with Heavy Bluegrey from Vallejo for the cloth parts of the uniform
The armored pieces got a base of  Astronomican Grey
Then I added some angled stripes of Shadow Grey.
Which were followed by irregular stripes of Fenris Grey.
The pattern is completed by dots of Fortress Grey.
For the accessories I used my mix called Imperial Navy Blue (but I can't remember the recipe)
Base skin tone for this guy is Elf Flesh
After cleanup the urban camo looks like this

Ready for the washes.
The Skin is done with Gryphonne Sepia
The other pieces get a coat of Devlan Mud
And then it is completed by a liberal coat of Badab Black
And this is how the trooper looks in the diorama
I think the Urban Camo looks good (still need a name for it) and will be a good contrast to the Ork colors).
As mentioned I will have to do a lot of ork with the light to order the scene and set spotlights. The plan is to add some lighter areas with the airbrush (probably a light blueish tone) in the area of Dr. Nork and the attack team. The missile top is already brighter, so there is a natural center and focal point here.
All other areas will get a airbrush coat with black, to darken these areas down further and allow for the OSL effects of the Science Station, the muzzle flashes, and the rear right corridor mouth to come forward some more.
I hope this will work out....
As usual I thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback, suggestions and comments.