Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (8)

 Hi all!
Happy Easter, April Fool and that :)

Today it looks for the first time, like there really is a sun  in the sky and spring is not just an urban legend.
It's been pretty cold and the winter seemed endless, but yesterday and today the sun is shining - still far from last years temperatures, but an improvement.

Now that I'm back from my short vacation and the hand is back in working order I went back to the "Dr. Nork - The Ork with the Golden Missile" diorama.
As the name states the missile should be somewhat golden. So it received a dirty yellow base coat.
Did I tell you yet that I hate yellow? It takes a million coats to look half-way decent.

But after a while I had the basic colors down

Then I added some details...


And this is how it'll look in the diorama.

So I added some shading - due to the breach in the roof, through which the rappelling agents will enter, most light will come from top down.

And first highlights and light effects.

Now the golden tip needs some more love and then I will do some weathering.
Once the missile is painted I will start with the actual Orks of the scene.