Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (10)

Hi guys,
thanks for your feedback :)
@Lord Ashram - yes, the blue shine form the science station and the blue Ultramarines panel kind of blending into each other. I have to admit it was due to lack of planning on my side.
But in the live piece it actually looks rather decent.
And since I have to extend the shine some more anyway (it is too much concetrated in the corner), I will see if I do any changes. - Thanks for pointing this out!

In the Da Waaagh-Forums Harkon Greywolf was wondering how those camo pattern will look against the various colored panels.
"I have no clue" :)
But I really look forward to see the final results. 

Here you can see Jaws in his position - only base colors, no shading

And Dr. Nork in his spot - also only base colors, no shading

So I spent the weekend completing the base colors for the Ork gang.

The two hit guards (only base colors, no shading or highlighting)

Jaws and Dr. Nork (only base colors, no shading or highlighting)

The other two guards (only base colors, no shading or highlighting)

 And the gang after the first (still wet) wash.

This weeks update will be even slower, as the various washes do take some time to dry, Tuesday is my Birthday, and I have a huge pile of work to do in the office.
But I'll keep working on this dio - it gets harder by the day, by the slow updates and a new project lingering in the back of my mind (you know how dangerous this is!). I have already ordered some parts from Mad Robot Minis and am really eager to start.
But I must be strong and FINISH this diorama first :)