Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (59)

Yesterday I got the itch.
The itch to start painting.
And since the completion of the ATHENA forward gallery depends on painted floor and wall, I decided that this would be the target of my scratch :)

Looking through the images I collected, I decided to use the Honorguard image as starting point. After priming with black, I drew the outlines with a pencil.

Then I traced them with a brush and a deluted white, to prevent any smearing or erasing of the pencil lines.

Next I did the base colors and background, so I'd get a feeling for the colors.

Then I did the highlights and shades for the blue.

followed by the red highlights and shadows.

Then I did the gold colors.

And finally the parchment.

Then it was time for some detailing.

and slowly but surely it came to completion.

Finally the slogan:
"Imperatus Vincit Omnia" - the Emperor is always victorious :)

Then I decided to get a final decission on the paint scheme. So I did a base color of Astronomican Grey

And then I looked at the cloud pattern suggested by Tommygun


So I did some detailing

No weathering or battle damage, no wash yet.

What do you think, is it worth it, or should I try something else?
Oh, BTW, I also made some progress on the Gargoyle :)

I look forward to your comments and feedback.