Friday, December 4, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (62)

A flash from the past :)
Ron at FtW was asking for a collaborative post on "your worst model".
Well basically all my old or early (2007) pieces are really bad.
That’s called the learning curve I suppose.

But this sample here is the worst, as it was the most embarrassing.
This is “Commissar Wernher von Eisenstein, Chief Political Officer of the 7th Dencarian Guards Regiment (airmobile)” a rather crude modification of a tank commander with some greenstuff. What makes it the worst is that I really liked it so much, I posted it on “Cool Mini or not”.

The overall rating ended at around 4.5….

Wow, that was embarrassing

Well, lesson learned, and there is a learning curve after all :)

I continued my work on the ATHENA and added quite some details. Like the section numbers on the doors, warning stripes beneath the doors, and, and, and

plus some more battle damage 8to cover up some more paint spots).

And then I decided to nickname the Fleet (not the ATHENA itself) the "Griffin" and added a small logo to the sign.

To put it all a bit more into persepctive, here's Admiral Azoth in front of the command island.

In front of the sign,

and in front of the shrine doors.