Monday, December 14, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (67)

Due to the nearing holiday season and some family obligations I had rather little time for the ATHENA.
Nevertheless, I finally painted the main console of the forward gallery.

As you see I tried to pick up the theme of the rear console with wood and brass.

And eventhough this rear plate won't be visible in the end, I still painted it properly :)

Guys, thanks for your comments on the painters. I have to admit "Red Dwarf" didn't really ring a bell, as it was never broadcasted in Germany.
So I did some internet research and education, and am now proud you made the connection.
Cheers :)
Well, Rimmer and Lister did receive some more details by greenstuf.
As you can see they are now wearing harnesses (but as every good soldier/sailor) they didn't close or use them :)

thanks to bigwill the dialogue received a new line, running now:
A: "Man, I'm glad when we're done here"
B: "Be glad we're on the roof and not the poor slobs that must do the body. Hanging off the side...shudder!"
C: "Oh shut up and paint! Get back to work or I use this power-stripper on your skin!"

So I added a third character, using a power-paint-stripper (he still needs some GS work)

and added some bear metal spots, where he already worked.

From top view the metal is better visible. I didn't add any footprints as I can't really find a plausable position (from the position of the characters).