Monday, December 7, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (63)

Weathering started!
To get a better feeling to the final look I decided to give the girl an aged and slightly battered feeling. I started off with some washes along the segment lines.
Then I used the airbrush to shade these lines off, using Badab Black. After that I used Gryphone Sepia to add rust stains as well as a small spot around each rivet.

BTW, you may now officially call me insane. Since I wasn't sure how to do it best, I used a small brush and painted Devlan Mud around each :)

Here you can see the rivets on the right side done, while the ones on the left side aren't done yet. I think it is worth the effort - despite quite time consuming.

Rusty, rusty :)

Then I did the same on the other side. Again you can see the difference between the ones on top (not yet done) and the rivets on the bottom.

And here the rivets are completed.

Then I painted the shrine for the Machine God in the ATHENA.

So now it makes sense I used "Griffin" for the fleet nickname, as I have a Griffin here :)

And finally I did the first outlines for the next slogan image.
This is located beneath the shrine above, and depicts a priest with a power claw and the slogan "Vade Retro Xenos! - "Begone Xenos!"

He will wear black and red robes and have a grey beard.