Thursday, August 16, 2012

Orkalypse Now (4)

Thanks for the feedback guys!
The ATHENA is definately far from dead, and I really, really plan to complete her this year :)
But I also hope I can complete most of my other projects - it would be a shame to let them go to waste, wouldn't it?
Well, the last view days had me very occupied with family live, so only small amounts of hobby time.
I continued with the helmet mold

and finished the second half.

After cleanup it is ready for a first cleaning cast - to see if the resin flows properly and to flush out any residue.

For a first cleanup cast this is looking good.

Seems as if the resin can properly flow, and once I remove it from the mold, the mold should be clean.

The platoon leader for the diorama received his ears and a badge for the baret.

BTW, still no name...

What do you think should be the color of the baret? red, black?

The body got another cleanup and I drilled out the bolter barrel as well as the shoulder pad received the two horns.

4 more troopers received cleanup and minor gap fills.

Unfortunately nothing more was done.

Today there's another family event, so no work tonight :(

But I hope to some major progress on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend!