Monday, August 6, 2012


Thanks guys,

@Adrian - please see my page for some details on the stuff I use for mold and cast.

Well, I had a rather productive weekend and the PONOS is very close to completion.
I started with building out the rear ramp.
I decided to go for a 2-part ramp with a lower and upper half.

With some simple hinges I can open or close it as I like.

Next were the exhaust grills, they still look a bit uneven at this stage,

Then I built the upper half of the ramp

again operational so I can open or close it.

With the final bordering on the exhaust, the rear looks pretty cool I think.

Some details for the ramp.

On Sunday I had finally enough track sections cast to complete one side *yeah!*

Oh, this looks nice together.

Then I finally comitted the built to the diorama.

You may realize that I kept most pieces either unglued or movable so I was as felxible as possible. But now it is time to get serious.

So I added a mounted trooper that fires from one of the crew hatches.

The hatch is now glued in position. Maybe you can also see the modified rifle.

For the purpose of the diorama I also added some spent ammo cartridges underneath the cartridge eject.

During the next stages I will have to add damage, mount the luggage and other accessories, but I will do this as I build out the scene.
Well, and then it was time to clean up the desk and get to the next stage...

Building the diorama - coming soon :)

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed todays update and I look forwad to you C&C.