Monday, August 20, 2012

Orkalypse Now (5)

Hey guys,
finally an Update worth the name :)

Despite being incredibly hot here in Germany (at least for German circumstances) with 34-37°C I was able to sneak down into my cooler office (24°C) and work a bit on the Orkalypse Now.

The platoon leader
(suggestions for the name are so far:
Colonel Harker -as in the movie Tobruk
Major Reisman - as in the movie dirty dozen
Colonel Brockway - as in no movie)
received his head :)

and the crest for his baret.

oh yes, the shoulder crest also got some attention and the logo got the two horns.

The guys with the las-rifles receive power cables, to represent the heavier las-rifles of the stormtroopers - I really love the tube tool!

I also sculpted/modified the hand for the grenade trowing trooper - it is supposed to look as if the grenade is just leaving the hand...

More on the heavy Las-rifle cables.

Next on my list was to create some flashlights for all the guns,

quickly assembled.

While these cured I started some new helmets.
I have to admit I wasn't really happy how the Dencara guards helmets turned out, so I started some new ones.

Here is a rough sketch on how I planed the helmets (and a running tab of what is still needed)

Flashlights mounted.

The helmets received the visors and some details.

In the meantime the platoon leader received a scarf.

Not sure what color it will be though...

Power cables for the one las-rifle completed.

Since those heavy las-rifles need some bigger battery packs I worked on these too.

Pretty quick and simple, but I think they will work nicely.

Since i had some PC left, I created some seals for Purity Seals.

And the first troopers received their heads :)
as you can probably see, the mounted trooper has a standard IG (sentinel) crew helmet,

while the other received the new Dencara helmets.

I really like the look of these

So what do you think?

Please take the time to participate in the poll on the Platoon Leaders name (see poll on top left column) and let me hear your C&C.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed todays update.

Oh, and another update on Dystopian Legions:

Bell of Lost Souls posted an update from GenCon:

No infos about release date or pricing, but everything will be resin, so expect Forgeworld prices.

Damn those look stunning!

Make sure to check this gallery: