Friday, October 2, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (31)

Hi guys,
thanks for your comments and feedback.
I worked some more on the deck crew and here's the characters I did so far.
On the left is another aide that will hold something like a palm-pc, then there's the Captain with the folded arms, another NCO with binoculars and a laspistol.

Then I decided I need another high-officer, and since I always liked the Cadian commander, I tried to re-create him for the admiral.

Again I'm using the Banblade tank commander as base, plus the lower torso of a fantasy imperial soldier. The arms are Cadian arms with some modifications :)

I think he comes along quite nicely. The head is from the new Cadian command squad, and the sword is obviously one of my scratchbuilds.

Here you can see the first version of the palm-PC, plus the captains head mounted and the NCO head.

Ornamented shoulder armour

on both sides, respirator

and sporting a mustache.

A first positioning test on the "island"

Eventhough I'm not yet ready to start a poll and vote, here are some ideas for the paint scheme:
1.) ZEUS
Please bear in mind the image is very simple, and if I do a ZEUS scheme, this will include all the skulls and slogans as on the ZEUS

But that may not be appropriate for a sky ship, is it?
2.) ZEUS with orange skysections

3.) SKY TIGER Standard Dencara pattern

4.) SKY GHOST aerial disruptive pattern

5.) NAVY all grey, with some golden highlights

6.) BARE METAL - kind of a Chrome effect, but I'm not sure if and how to do that :)

As usual I look forward to your ideas and comments.

Just to let you know, I will be on vacation at the Baltic Sea again from Sunday to Sunday, so there may be a delay in responding - but I will try.