Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gothic Architecture and Sacred Art

Just got back from my short vacation to the Baltic Sea.
During that my wife an I visited some nice cities, and I took the opportunity for some research photos :)
During a trip to the Hanseatic City of Wismar we had the chance to see many so called "redbrick gothic" buildings.
Here you can see the tower of the Marienkirche (all that is left of the church itself)

Just opposite is the Archdiaconate (sp?)

Nice gothic lines

Then there was the F├╝rstenhof with really nice ornaments

Nowadays the county court is hosted there

And behind it is the St.Georgen-Kirche...

All I can say is...
It is all empty and it is H U G E

This is truely to the Emperors liking :)
I took a short video to give you at least a little bit of the feeling in there

And a second longer video
I really hope you can get the impression how huge this cathedral is.
Then we continued to the Heiligen-Geist-Kirche

This church is currently in use and very well renovated and preserved

Then we continued our trip to Doberan, with its famous Minster

The Entrance

wonderful ornaments


and some very nice shrines

Imperial Iconography, isn't it?

On the next day we visited the Hanseatic City of Rostock.
And there we had the chance to visit the very famous Marienkirche. It played a major role 20 years ago in the peaceful revolution in the German Democratic Republic and later the unification of Germany.
Some of the demonstrations started right there.
Besides its important role in the near past, I contains some wonderful artwork (which can easily be adapted for 40K)

This organ is really beautiful - and truely huge

Again several small shrines and ornaments

Well I hope you like this little detour of the normal blog topic.
Maybe it gives you some ideas for your next project.