Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (32)

Now that I'm back from my little vacation, I finally got back into my little office.
I spent some time refining the sculpts of my deck officers.
Here is Admiral Azoth, commander of the Navy's MCXIX Atmospheric Stike Fleet, currently based on Dencara 5.

The eagle on the shoulder armour is damaged from previous fights.

He's wearing a sash and some kind of ornametive cord

Like all the others he's equipped with a Respirator
Next was the aide with the palm PC

The Palm is connected via cables to a small pack on his belt

(Well, it isn't there yet :-)

Both shoulder armour have the Imperial Eagle

I really like his pose

He's quite "John-Wayne-legged", but that gives him some real character

Then I continued with Captain von Dunkelstein, commander of the ATHENA, the flagship of the MCXIX Atmospheric Stike Fleet.

Now that all pieces are together, I think he turned out OK

He's looking a bit stumpy and squat, but hey, not all Imperial Guardsmen used the same mold

He's also wearing a sash and ornamented shoulder armour

Together with his weathered and marked face it gives a sound image

And finally the last NCO of that group was completed

With a nice moustache and the baret

right after these photos he received some small ammo packs and pouches

Shoulder armour and respirator like all the others

And a final group shot - I really like those guys :)

Well, and I looked some more for camo schemes.

I have this nice book of all the WWII fighting aircraft with excellent illustrations.
So here are some more paint schemes to look into.
(1) the British Naval aircraft theme
(2) a German Naval aircraft theme
(3) German desert camo
(4) German Night Fighter/Bomber theme
(5) another German Night theme
And, when we talk Navy and ZEUS schemes, I may be tempted to use the skull pattern on a grey/navy background color. Like I did here on the Shrine:

So, there's plenty to look into...sooooo many ideas.