Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (40)

Eventhough I'm on a business trip (and even in a workshop right now *yawn*), I promised to post my updates from the weekend.
Now that the lower rear section was pretty much completed, I began to work on the propulsion system. First I built the support for the propshafts.

As usual, I tried to create the "victorian" brass and iron industrial look for it.

Here are the supports and shafts in place

Next I started on the rotors or airscrews. For this I cut two rather large discs.

Then I drew the 8 blades and began cutting

Done :)

Then I mounted it on the shaft

both in place

Another side/rear shot

Current side view - and as you can see I already opened the side wall of the command island

Deck view

rear view with the rotors

close up - BTW, those two "noses" are actually caps from a superglue tube, and some skulls from the fantasy Vampires added.

and then it was time to start on the "Shrine" on the island.

As you can see, I played (for the very first time) with some LED's for this.

Next I did cut the gothic style walls for the shrine, as you can see, it will have two shutter doors.

The center part will be filled with the painted glas, for which I'm using transparent paper

The motive is like a Sister with angel wings and the slogan "Ultima Ratio Imperatus" (hopefully last resort of the Emperor). So strong Imperial mythology with a Cathedral look and feel to it.
I did a freehand with pencil first.

And then traced it with a black pen onto the transparent paper

Painting started with the highlights and shadows first, as it is painted on the back of the paper

But it really looks good form the front

red and blue next, again painting highlights and shdows first

more colors and details

and done!

In the window - just mounted by tape so far

Also the main front mounted

Then I worked on the door itself, decorated a bit

and fully operational :)

Both tape mounted on the island
Looking nice, isn't it?

I hope this updagte was worth the waiting.