Monday, October 19, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (33)

Sorry, but I've got side-tracked again :)
Over the last few days I've been working on some "secret stuff" again - "Gee, Klaus is participating in another contest!?!" some of you may say, but I won't comment this time.

Anyhow, part of the work was also building a little light box.
It is relatively crude, quickly build out of cardboard - one could also say "tank tape and chicken wire" - but it serves the purpose. It's not big enough for a ZEUS, Kazuchaaah, or the ATHENA, but for infantry and normal armour it's just right.

I still have to work on the lights a bit
as the result is still a bit too dark, and I think I need to position the model further to the rear - not enough light in the foreground...

Well, I will now continue with the ATHENA, as there is still PLENTY to do. So here are some more status shots (some I have already shown)

As you see there is still a lot of skin to complete on the one side, while the other still needs all the stuff. The torpedo launcher, the buojancy tank, and the bombing shaft.
After that I will see what else the main deck needs - also where I will postition a "Repelling Patry" - some more AA weapons, the actual side engines and rotors, another crane, and, and, and....
But even the current uncomplete status gives a nice impression of how this baby could look in the end.

Loaded with a Thantalos
Or enemies view :)

So this brings me to the final part of todays post: Painting.

Thanks for all of your feedback and tips. Admiral Drax, your posts were very helpfull ( and and actually gave me the final push NOT to use a camouflage pattern at all.

In the end, it is like with the ZEUS: this baby is way too big to hide behind any camouflage.
Nevertheless, I'm not gonna paint her in bright pink either *lol*
Form the various comments, images, and links provided here, on WIP, and on Warseer, I decided to use a basic "cloud" pattern as background:
Onto which I will try to paint a "Heaven & Hell" topic. So there will be a lot of illustrations out of the 40K mythology and the spaces between them covered with skulls again - basically "Hell" will be a dark grey backround with lighter grey skulls, and "Heaven" will be a light background with darker least that's the current theory.
And now I ask for your help :)
I'm not very familiar with 40K mythology *shame on me*, so please point me to any mythology images, posts, links, ect.
Anything you think I could use to cover the ATHENA's skin.
Thanks and I really look forward to your input.