Friday, March 6, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (30)

Wow, the 30th post on the ZEUS - and getting closer to 1 year of work...yeah OK, I took a generous 5 months break playing Warhammer Online :)


Looks like a typical morning on the German Autobahns :-)

Well, last night I completed the second flamer turret, to match the first one

Not really twins, but close enough

And this actually completed this side of the ZEUS

I have to admit: I like it :)

So i continued with the dreaded task of copying from one side to the other again - this time the XIX image on the fender.

It should be a copy, but I also wanted to improve it a bit (make it more balanced, and remove some errors I did on the other side) and plus I wanted to move it further to the rear, so it won't be covered, when I place a HW team there:

So I started out with thinned Bleached Bone again

Then did the golden XIX with Shining Gold

and filled the rest with Bleached Bone

That's as far as I got last night.

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