Thursday, March 12, 2009

CHARON bridgelayer (2)

Well, last night I continued with the CHARON bridgelayer.

and now I have the bridge mechanism pretty much completed

and it seems to work nicely

But the harder work is the actual rigging of the bridge.
I included one cable/rope that raises the A-Frame and I'm working on the second to operate the bridge

I'm trying to hide a cable roll in those two boxes so that I can adjust the ropes accordingly when the Bridge is up or down.

I'm not really sure if I add a little hatch in the former turret area of the MLRS, so that besides a driver, I can have a bridge operator....
For the actual diorama I have the vision of beer-bellied operator in a white muscle shirt standing besides the CHARON, cigar in mouth, and a remote strapped to him, lowering the bridge....
oh, this opens soooo many venues...a ladder for the operator, a cable connection for the many ideas :)

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  1. the bridge layer is cool. would like to know how you built it