Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ZEUS super heavy (32)

I decided to keep the dozerblades as they are - they highlight the sheer size of the ZEUS nicely.

But I think I suffered a severe case of megalomania, when I started to arrange for the diorama.

On the right you see a complete storm troop with Kommisar - oh, this will the first time I can use the trooper that is aiming at the ground, and position him at the edge of the trench to give a mercy shot *drooooool*

On the left you can see a little Dei Greci vehicle that will place a bridge across the trench, as well as the BOREAS walker and the ALECTO vehicle in the background.

Birdsview you can see that I plan to place a damaged/destroyed Ork Dakka Flak gun in the lower right corner and another walker with spotter in AA role in the upper left corner....
plus all the guys on the ZEUS (the two HW teams on the fenders, the MG-gunners on the balconies, maybe some sandbagged troopers on the headlights.....
the base is now 60 cm x 60 cm ....
...as said, a severe case of megalomania *lol*
But, hey, before it wears off, I started with placing styrofoam, cutting the trench, some shellholes, and then allready a first layer of instant filler..

As you can see, I filled the trench in the center, as the dozer would've pushed everything in there and filled it up nicely...burying any hapless Orks that didn't get out of the way in time

Once this first layer is cured, I will have to get all the vehicles and walkers completed, so I can positon them for the final layer of plaster and detailing...
oh sweet delusion of grandeur....*megalol*

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