Monday, March 16, 2009

Diorama update

As stated in previous posts I want to highlight my ZEUS superheavy in a "breakthrough" diorama.
For this I plan to have the ZEUS in the center, right after it crashed through some Ork barricades and crossed a trenchline.
To give the diorama additional action (all in all, it is 60 x 60 cm) I'll have the CHARON bridgelayer on the right side, as it lays its bridge across the trench, so that the walkers and small tanks can cross it.
Actually I am surprised that in WH40K there is no such vehicle or rule - I mean especially the Kriegs and their trench warfare seem prime users for such a toy. Every todays army has bridgelayers....
Oh well.

So, I continued with the CHARON, and now it has a proper rigging to lift and lower the bridge

A detail shot of the hooks and cables

I also closed the former turret ring of the HEPHAISTOS MLRS and replaced it with a small tank hatch. Also you can see the operator in the background - he'll hopefully be in the style of Officer McLane of the Die hard series - white muscle shirt, black bandana with (yes, you guessed it) white skulls, and cigar in mouth.

It is fully rotatable, and the hatch opens and closes

So this pretty much completes the CHARON and I can continue with the next actors.

May I introduce?
The ZEPHYROS walker.
It is the smaller brother of the BOREAS walker and will be in several weapon configurations. This first one will be armed with two gatling guns in AA-mode (especially for the diorama).
As you can see, he's not walking upright like the BOREAS, but more like the more traditional sci-fi walkers.

I pretty happy with the way the pose turned out, and that it is still balanced by itself.

In the diorama he will be accompanied by a spotter soldier that will point up to the sky, as if there was just an aircraft approaching.

And then it was allready time to mount the two gatlings

Ah, what a nice display of firepower, isn't it? :)

After these photos I added case ejectors and some purity seals. Other than that, he's ready for priming.

And here's a lineup of the secondary actors (from left to right) :
ALECTO Close-Support vehicle
BOREAS walker
CHARON bridgelayer

Now that I have most of the good guys (I'll have another ZEPHYROS, but I'm not through with casting all pieces yet), I started last night with the bad guys equipment.
As previously mentioned, there will be a Ork Dakka Flakk gun in the upper right corner.

So I took the image from the Apocalypse book as guideline.
In the foreground you see the gun mount, then on the left the basic gun, and on the right the gun platform.

Then I continued with the three barrels. Since it is supposed to be a destroyed gun, I kind of blasted one barrel, and bent the other.

Despite being destroyed, I think it still looks pretty good and Dakka, doesn't it?

So that's it for today.

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