Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dakka Flakk Gun (cont'd)

Eventhough I was generally satisfied with the looks of the gun yesterday, it still needed some orkification.

I added many, many rivits

and a targeting help :)
Even an Ork can hit with this *lol*

And now the Dakka Flakk has a mean face

And this is where it is positioned in the diorama:

(probably best, if you click on the image, so you can see the larger version)
Also, in the background (on the right) you can see a crushed watchtower. I built this last night out of cardboard, but I forgot to do some shots of it. I hope I can do some today and deliver them tomorrow :)


  1. that gun looks awesome Klaus. I hadn't seen the tank before, it looks huge compared to the rest. Is that a Tau thing on the left?

  2. Yeah, the ZEUS is huge :)
    It almost comletely fills the 60x60cm base.
    Tau thing? Do you mean the walker that is behind the bridge tank?
    If so, that is my BOREAS walker - http://boreas-walker.blogspot.com/ that I originally created for a walker contest.